Community Supported, Globally Driven

Fantastic news–ArtsKC approved my Inspiration Grant for the amount of $1,200 to help pay my way to Green Olive Arts. This amount will cover my studio fees, traveler insurance, and part of my housing budget. ArtsKC sent me their synopsis of the project based on the information I provided. I think it nicely sums up a challenging and ambitious project into a few sentences:

Annie Raab ($1,200)
Author and critic Annie Raab will use this Inspiration Grant to participate in a month long residency at Green Olive Arts in Tétouan, Morocco, in May 2016. During the time, she will concentrate on her short fiction, which focuses on the lives of Arab women through a lens of feminism and equality, dismantling the notion that Arab and Muslim women are homogenous, flightless birds with little to contribute. Upon returning to Kansas City, Annie will read the prose written at the residency at a public event and hold a connective discussion on how fiction plays an important role in the global feminist discourse.

When I talk about the project among friends, in front of an audience, or privately, you might hear a similar excerpted version of this description. I have a lot of busy ideas swarming around my head all the time, it’s helpful to have a launch pad like this to begin describing my plan. I want to add that short fiction is a unique vehicle for building empathy, as reading is a deeply personal experience. The right prose can penetrate much deeper than extensive non-fiction.

With the grant in mind, the $311 raised at the fundraiser, and all the generous donations from my friends and family, I’m over halfway to my final goal!


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