Fundraising is a mixed bag

My Go Fund Me campaign is live! You’ll notice it shows how many days the project has been active, but I had not been sharing it that entire time. Here’s why:

I’ve always had trouble asking for money. Even when it was expected of me, like when I had to name my babysitting rates at age thirteen. I’ve always felt weird about raises, bonuses, free rides, and simple generosity. I lowball myself because I like working, I like a job well done, and I like having the satisfaction of completing a task by myself.

Breaking this lifelong habit, even for a project I believe in, is difficult. Anyone who has worked since they were thirteen for five bucks an hour can relate to the pride that comes with being self-sufficient. Suddenly, with an opportunity to incorporate the lives of women into my fiction at Green Olive Arts, I realize I need to make some adjustments to my stubborn nature. Fundraising takes self awareness.

Fundraising for an organization is very different than fundraising for yourself. If you do it for a company, you know how much confidence you need to have in order to attract donors. You know it takes a lot of trying and failing, but things work out in the end. You have experience relating the glowing, positive, absolutely outstanding traits of the organization to potential donors, and you get good at this with practice. Then, when it comes time to raise your own money for your own projects which you have committed yourself to–emotionally and spiritually–you freeze.

Fundraising means sharing your enthusiasm. I recently got to talk about the residency and project with Maria Vasquez Boyd of 90.1 KKFI. Here’s the interview on ArtSpeak radio. Fundraising means taking the reigns in your own hands and organizing public events. Fundraising means asking your community to believe in the work you are doing before they see results.

When I ask for your support to help me get the most out of my month at Green Olive Arts, I am asking you to share your confidence with me. Knowing that I have such a vast network of support around me makes me certain I am not asking for a hand-out, but a critical chance to launch myself into a project that will change my life. I believe the work I do is important, and your donation makes this belief a reality. I believe I can contribute to the world and change it. I believe in the power of fiction.

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