24 hour story: January 18th

As you know, I’ve been subbing fiction for criticism lately, but I do have a short story in the works. I will have another 24 hour piece soon. Give me a week to clean it up and I’ll post it on Saturday/Sunday. It’s called “American Foursquare”, like the style of house.

Winter is hard. I took a second job for the holidays which ate up one of my normal days off, as well as the holidays themselves. My car is eternally busted and broke’d. I don’t play outside or ride my bike or get any fresh air and winter just makes me and my writing hibernate. All of this is bad for productive writing. I have been working on residency applications too. When I don’t write fiction, I at least have to write something.

Last year’s resolutions were pretty doable. I wrote more this year than any previous year. My goal is to just keep doing that and being more productive. On the last day of 2014, “Whales” was published , which was great because I wrote it in 2013. Not a bad turn over. Some of my newer work is still under consideration at other magazines. The collection I put together is being formatted, and possibly added to with this new story. It’s now about 100 pages which makes me feel really good.

There you have it. Updates and a new story up soon. Thanks for reading!


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