Some Webs

Picture 4 Raab_Material1 Corinth1

Although I’m focusing most of my creative energy into writing, I still feel like I should retain a bit of my sculptor roots. I have three pieces in public places that you can visit and look at and criticize. Go to the Johnson County Central Library and see the big spider web in their gallery, and then hop on over to Corinth Library and check out my window webs. The third piece is going up at Mid America Arts Alliance in November and will be ready to view on First Friday and beyond as a part of KC Connect.

Maybe I harbor a little guilt for going to an expensive art college and not doing much visual art today, but what those 4 years really taught me was this: Immerse yourself into something if you love it. I love sculpture, but through my tandem practice of sculpture and writing, I discovered I had more to say with words. These may be my last installations while I work on my writing, so go see them!

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