Story Soon and Updates

I’m having a new piece looked at today and I’ll be making edits on it this week. Hopefully I’ll have it ready for a 24 hour story by next week. I wrote this one for a friend, and the reaction I got from her was more than satisfying, so I hope you like it too.


I don’t really do life updates on my little blog, but some cool things have happened recently. My critique, “The Future of Before and After” was seen by more than 300 people in 10 countries. I think it got 179 hits on the first day, and every day since has gotten a little less. I didn’t really know where those hits were coming from, but as I mingle about Kansas City, people have come up to me to say “hey, I really liked what you said etc etc…” and I usually said “wow, you read it?”. I’m happy to hear there are many people who share my sentiments and felt comfortable enough to approach me personally. 300 hits on a modest blog with face-to-face conversations is more special to me than 2 million on a popular mega-time-waster.

In October of 2013, I submitted my story “Doves” to American Short Fiction. Yesterday I got the email saying they, unfortunately, couldn’t publish it at this time. The best part was the rejection letter:

Dear Annie Raab,

First, apologies for taking so long to get back to you. We were on hiatus for a short time, and it’s taken us a while to get through our submissions.

Thank you for sending us “Doves.”

This particular piece did not work for us, but we were quite impressed by your writing. We hope that you will send us something else–our regular submissions are open now.

 We look forward to reading more of your work.


The Editors, American Short Fiction

A quick internet search revealed the tiers of ASF’s prose rejection, and this format, although not exactly personalized, is a “high tier” rejection. This means my little story about two men hunting actually made it into the hands of a real live reader who actually considered it for publication. I’m pleased, but it still would have been nicer to get an acceptance letter. Small victories.

In case you were wondering, “Doves” isn’t on my blog. It’s good enough to submit, and most places consider a blog to be “previously published”. I have been toying with the idea of binding together my best work for a small book. It looks like that would be around 40 pages long right now. If you’re interested in reading “Doves”, or buying a copy of my collected stories, I might make that happen.


I don’t think I stress this enough on here, but I really appreciate every single person that takes time to read my writing. It can be such an impersonal experience–I see that people are reading, but I don’t know who they are or hear their reactions. When you approach me, or send me a quick message about something you read on here, it is an insanely powerful motivation for me to continue. I often feel like I’m wandering alone through the dark, but your words are little fireflies that make me feel a lot less crazy for choosing this lifestyle. Thanks you thank you thank you!


Watch out next week as I spam the internet with the new 24 hour story. If you just read all this, you’ll probably get the memo.



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