Multiple Choice Self-Evaluation/Anger Management Exam

Multiple Choice Self-Evaluation/Anger Management Exam

1)    I know it’s hard, but I’m_____________________.

a.     Always here for you

b.     Confident you’ll be OK

c.     Still sleeping with your ex

d.     Not so good with empathy

2)    I am not ready for________________.

a.     A relationship

b.     My last relationship to end

c.     2012

d.     Lunch

3)    When I told you____________, I really meant___________.

a.     “it sucks”, “it hurts”

b.     “goodbye”, “I miss you”

c.     to “never change”, “I can’t wait to forget you”

d.     “you look fine”, “does it matter?”

4)    My reaction to the store clerk today was _____________.

a.     Unnecessary

b.     Childish

c.     Out of anger reserved for someone else

d.     Free of charge

5)    Sometimes I catch myself ______________ out of anger or pain.

a.     Dropping dishware

b.     Hitting my dog

c.     Taking too long to cross the street

d.     Watching daytime TV marathons

6)    I practice self-deprecation _____________.

a.     Daily

b.     Hourly

c.     Infinitely

d.     Because I deserve it

7)    I need __________ to validate me.

a.     The classifieds

b.     Store clerks

c.     Personality tests

d.     Junk mail

8)    When I see someone else succeed, I ___________.

a.     Congratulate them on selling out

b.     Exit the premises

c.     Step on their achievements

d.     Introduce myself as him/her until I feel better

9)     It’s all fun and games until _______________.

a.     I show up

b.     Someone sleeps with my ex

c.     I start to make an effort

d.     It’s never fun

10)    When I complete this exam, I will _____________.

a.     Take it again

b.     Finish packing

c.     Blog about it

d.     Get on with my life

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